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Dart Hacker News PWA

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It was built as an example for

Running locally

To run and debug locally using dartdevc:

$ webdev serve

Then navigate to http://localhost:8080.

Running locally with release configuration

To run locally using dart2js, add the --release flag.

$ webdev serve --release

Deploy to Firebase

  1. Install and setup Firebase CLI.

  2. Create a new Firebase project.

  3. Select your new Firebase project:

    $ firebase use --add

    This will create a .firebaserc file to store your project configuration.

  4. Update the offline URL cache timestamp to the current date. Automation of this step has temporarily been disabled due to #1369.

  5. Deploy:

    The firebase.json file has the build command configured via the predeploy setting, so you just have to run deploy.

    $ firebase deploy