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codereview.settings server

An App Engine server that fronts a Google Cloud Storage repository of Dart API docs.


Link structure

First, read how dartdoc structures links.

The prepends some structure to the links from dartdoc.

/             ==> /stable
/stable       ==> /<latest-stable-version>/index.html
/dev          ==> /latest-dev-version>/index.html
/be           ==> /<latest-bleeding-edge-version>/index.html

/stable/dart-async/Future-class.html ==> /<latest-stable-version>/dart-async/Future-class.html
(same for dev and be)


  1. Install the Google Cloud SDK.

  2. Run gcloud auth login

  3. Run gcloud config set app/promote_by_default false to avoid accidentally deploying a test version.

  4. Run gcloud config set project dartlang-api

  5. Run gcloud app deploy -v name-of-new-version server/app.yaml and test

  6. Run gcloud app deploy -v name-of-new-version --promote server/app.yaml to make this version the default

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