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These packages provide libraries for generating, compiling and serving Dart code.

Getting started with build_runner

General FAQ

Windows FAQ

FAQ for Builder authors.

Additional Docs

Defines the interfaces for creating a Builder which is a way of doing codegen that is compatible across build systems (pub, bazel, standalone runner).

For packages doing code generation this should generally be the only package against which there is a public dependency. Packages may have a dev_dependency on one or more of the other packages.

Support for parsing build.yaml files. Used by build_runner.

Support for discovering the sub-modules within packages and creating summaries of those modules. Used by build_web_compilers but should not be used directly by most users.

An implementation of the Resolver interface to use the analyzer during build steps.

Provides utilities to enact builds and a way to automatically run builds based on configuration.

This package should generally be a dev_dependency as it is used to run standalone builds. The only exception would be wrapping the build and watch methods with some other package.

Stub implementations for classes in Build and some utilities for running instances of builds and checking their outputs.

This package generally only be a dev_dependency as it introduces a dependency on package:test. The exception to that would be if you were creating another testing-only package that wraps this one.

Provides the dart2js and dartdevc support for your package. To use this package you should add it as a dev_dependency.

If you are using the automated build scripts, your project will automatically start being compiled with dartdevc, and you can start developing with chrome without any configuration.


The example directory has an example of a build with custom builders which generate outputs into both the source tree and a hidden generated directory. Try a build with dart run build_runner build -o web:deploy to see what the output looks like.

Most projects should not need custom builders.