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There are a few key differences that make the build system better for most use cases.

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pub build will only ever output files into your build directory, and pub serve only ever outputs them into an in-memory file system. With the build package, you can output files anywhere in the current package.

This enables you to generate dart files which are imported by your project, without getting any warnings about missing files from the analyzer. At the same time it enables you to easily go explore those files in your editor, and set breakpoints inside those files.


You can't overwrite any pre-existing files using build, you can only generate new ones.

In barback a transformer can overwrite a file any number of times, and this can lead to confusion and difficulty when debugging, especially with source maps.

Incremental builds

The build package requires Builders to configure which output file extensions will be built for corresponding input file extensions. This allows fine grained and incremental builds. See the build_runner package for an approach to incremental builds.

With barback, some transformations on your package dependencies may be cached, but any transformations on your current package are always redone each time you call pub build or pub serve. In serve mode it will do incremental builds once the first build has run, but if you restart it then you have to start over from scratch.

Execution modes and reflection

Most frameworks that use reflection today enable running in two different modes, one which uses dart:mirrors for development in dartium, and one which uses static code generated by a Transformer for deployment. All features that use reflection have to be implemented in both modes, and bugs might exist in only one mode. This all ends up resulting in obscure deployment time only issues, as well as a lot of wasted cycles testing the same app in multiple different modes.

With build, you can eliminate entirely the dart:mirrors mode. You are always using the generated code, all the time. This makes it easier on framework devs, and easier on users who have fewer modes to support.

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