Dart coverage data manipulation and formatting
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Coverage provides coverage data collection, manipulation, and formatting for Dart.

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collect_coverage collects coverage JSON from the Dart VM Observatory. format_coverage formats JSON coverage data into either LCOV or pretty-printed format.

Install coverage

pub global activate coverage

Consider adding the pub global run executables directory to your path. See Running a script from your PATH for more details.

Collecting coverage from the VM

dart --pause-isolates-on-exit --enable-vm-service=NNNN script.dart
pub global run coverage:collect_coverage --uri=http://... -o coverage.json --resume-isolates

or if the pub global run executables are on your PATH,

collect_coverage --uri=http://... -o coverage.json --resume-isolates

where --uri specifies the Observatory URI emitted by the VM.

If collect_coverage is invoked before the script from which coverage is to be collected, it will wait until it detects a VM observatory to which it can connect. An optional --connect-timeout may be specified (in seconds). The --wait-paused flag may be enabled, causing collect_coverage to wait until all isolates are paused before collecting coverage.

Formatting coverage data

pub global run coverage:format_coverage --packages=app_package/.packages -i coverage.json

or if the pub global run exectuables are on your PATH,

format_coverage --packages=app_package/.packages -i coverage.json

where app_package is the path to the package whose coverage is being collected. If --sdk-root is set, Dart SDK coverage will also be output.