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DartPad is a free, open-source online editor to help developers learn about Dart and Flutter. You can access it at

What's here?

Repo packages:

Package Description CI Status
dart_services The backend service for DartPad. dart_services
dartpad_shared Shared code between the DartPad frontend and backend. dartpad_shared
dartpad_ui The frontend UI for DartPad. dartpad_ui
samples Sample code snippets for DartPad. samples


DartPad began as an online playground for the Dart language built by the Dart tools team in 2015. It compiles, analyzes, and displays the results of its users' Dart code, and can be embedded in other websites as an iframe.

In Dec 2019, we launched a new version of DartPad ( with a fresh new look-and-feel and support for the popular Flutter UI toolkit. To learn more about the new DartPad, please check this blog post. Interested in embedding DartPad in your websites? Check out this embedding guide.


Additional docs

Some handy guides:

Issues and bugs

Please file reports on the GitHub Issue Tracker.

License and Contributing

Contributions welcome! Please read this short guide first. You can view our license here.