Embedding Guide

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List of Query Elements

  • id (gist ID) to load a gist ID
  • line (line number) to jump to a line
  • verticalRatio (0 to 100) [Embed only]
  • horizontalRatio(0 to 100) [Embed only]
  • run (run = true) to autorun [Embed only]
  • strong (strong = false) to disable strong mode (enabled by default)

Embedded views exported in strong mode will land in the main dartpad web client with strong mode enabled.

So, you want to embed a code snippet into your website? No worries, it's simple!

DartPad offers 3 different embedding choices for shared code. You have the option to show:

  1. Dart, Console, and Documentation [embed-dart]
  2. Dart, Console, and Html Output (with options to modify HTML/CSS) [embed-html]
  3. Dart and Console (Minimal) [embed-inline]

DartPad pages use query parameters in the URL to retrieve & show certain information. This means that users can configure how to show their code by quickly changing the URL.

A sample URL would be https://dartpad.dartlang.org/embed-html.html?id=72d83fe97bfc8e735607&verticalRatio=80

It can be embedded by inserting the following code into a html document:

<iframe src="https://dartpad.dartlang.org/embed-html.html?id=72d83fe97bfc8e735607&verticalRatio=80></iframe>

Specify the width and the height as style parameters of the iframe:

<iframe style="width:400px;height:400px;" src="https://dartpad.dartlang.org/embed-html.html&id=72d83fe97bfc8e735607&verticalRatio=80></iframe>

In this URL, we have the query ending ?id=72d83fe97bfc8e735607&verticalRatio=80 added path. This means that our servers will show a gist with the hashed ID 72d83fe97bfc8e735607 Found at https://gist.github.com/devoncarew/72d83fe97bfc8e735607, and vertical splitters with ratios of 80%:20%.

To add multiple queries, simply separate them by the "&" (ampersand) symbol.

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