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3D Solar System Simulation

A 3D solar system visualization using WebGL.

You can open the example in Dart Editor and run it by clicking web/solar.dart. Or, you can try this live demo.

The solar.dart file is the main entry point to the Dart code. This file contains the library solar3d declaration. It also contains the following declarations listing the other files that make up the the solar3d library:

part 'sphere_model_data.dart';
part 'sphere_model.dart';
part 'shader.dart';
part 'planet_shader.dart';
part 'texture_manager.dart';
part 'grid.dart';
part 'camera.dart';
part 'sphere_controller.dart';
part 'skybox.dart';
part 'orbit_path.dart';

In addition to the dart:web_gl library, solar3d uses the dart:typed_array library for specialized integers and floating point numbers, and efficient lists. Solar3d also uses the vector_math pub package.

Please report any bugs or feature requests.