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The DocBook (XML) and code that make up the O'Reilly book Dart: Up and Running

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Dart: Up and Running

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This is the book Dart: Up and Running by Kathy Walrath and Seth Ladd. More info:

An HTML version of this book is online:

Repo and testing info

As of February 2013, this is our primary repository for the book. We copy the .xml files to the private O'Reilly repo from time to time; we expect them to publish from their repo every few months.

Currently, tests only whether the .dart files under code/ pass static analysis (dart_analyzer). We could do real unit testing, and we could do better with HTML samples. In the future, we might want to test whether the .xml files are valid. The command for that would be something like this:

xmllint --postvalid --xinclude --noout book.xml

Updating the copy of this book

Basically, you get the project, and you run make book. See for details.

Project structure

code/: Code samples used in the book. We want this to be automatically checked against or included in the XML files, but we're not there yet.

figs/: Figures and images. This file.

*.xml: Book contents. book.xml is the entry point for the book, from an XML point of view. BASH script that runs dart_analyzer on all Dart source files in the code directory.

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