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Dart support for Chrome DevTools

This is a fork of the client-side of the Chrome DevTools, including all JS & CSS to run the DevTools webapp. The original sources are at

Getting Started

  1. Make sure you have npm installed. - Google internal users, see go/nodejs-install
  2. Clone the repo - git clone
  3. Go to repo root and run: npm install
  4. From the same directory, run ./ddt <url>
    • This launches a separate instance of Chrome in a new user profile with the debugging port open and also starts the devtools server.
    • If CHROMIUM_PATH is set (e.g. export CHROMIUM_PATH=<path to chrome executable>) then it will use that version of Chrome. Otherwise, it will default to either chrome or google-chrome if either of those is found in the PATH.
    • It should automatically open three pages, a reference page, the web app at and a Dart DevTools instance on that page.

Power user tips:

You can run chrome and the server directly by running npm start. This enables customizing the options. For example, you can customize the port for the dev server: e.g. PORT=8888 npm start.

You can also launch chrome and start the server separately:

  • npm run chrome
  • npm run server

When you start Chrome separately, you can pass extra args to Chrome:

npm run chrome --

(e.g. this launches Hacker News on startup)

If you want to reset your development profile for Chrome, pass in "--reset-profile":

npm start -- --reset-profile


npm run chrome -- --reset-profile

Changes from Regular Devtools

  • Custom formatters are on by default
  • Black boxing the SDK is on by default
  • A minimal set of Dart expressions work in the console and watch. Only expression of the form "object.thing.otherThing" work so far, and some object references won't work (e.g. library variables).
  • A fix for one of the breakpoint location problems
  • (This has been temporarily reverted, until the SDK with the fixes for custom formatter colors is released) The dark theme is used by default, to visually distinguish it from normal devtools. It can be changed back in devtools settings.
  • Added keyboard shortcuts Alt-R for hot-restart, and Alt-S to toggle source maps.
  • If it detects a breakpoint that doesn't get set where you clicked, you'll get a description on the console saying so and indicating where to file a bug.
  • Inline values displayed in the source pane use the custom formatters, rather than displaying with very long class names.


  • File issues against this repo, , unless they contain confidential information, in which case they can be filed against the "Dev Compiler (DDC)" component.
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