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0036. Set Literals Address spreads. Oct 9, 2018
0041 - static extension methods Update Mar 21, 2019
0093 - Gradual Language Change Migration/0094 - Per Library Language Version Selection Update Apr 11, 2019
0107 - implicit-constructors Update implicit conversion doc with pointers to related issues (#109) Nov 28, 2018
0110-incremental-sound-nnbd Update roadmap with migration details Dec 20, 2018
enhanced-type-promotion Move over "Enhanced Type Promotion" proposal. (#79) Nov 7, 2018
terminating-tokens Add note to "Terminating Tokens". Feb 11, 2019 Add some documentation and organization Aug 1, 2018

Working directory

This directory holds work in progress artifacts in any stage from rough brainstorming documents to "out-for-implementation" proposals. Don't take anything in here too seriously.

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