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Considering deprecating and discontinuing package:oauth2 #137

devoncarew opened this issue Nov 7, 2022 · 6 comments

Considering deprecating and discontinuing package:oauth2 #137

devoncarew opened this issue Nov 7, 2022 · 6 comments


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This is a tracking issue for potentially deprecating and discontinuing package:oauth2.

General notes:

  • this package is published under our publisher; for people who are not aware, that publisher is for packages we've authored in order to build various Dart tools (pub, analyzer, ...)
  • the support commitment for the tools. packages is lower than for general packages ; the packages are triaged occasionally, we may not be able to respond to all issues; essentially, we're ok with people taking a dependency on them but the packages don't have a strong support commitment
  • our only use package:oauth2 is from the pub tool; that team doesn't have the bandwidth to maintain this package beyond the parts that they themselves use
  • there are 7 open PRs for the package - from the last 3 years - including for things like additional RFCs to support
  • there are 30 untriaged issues (no labels), including #126 ("Is this package still maintained?")

Paraphrasing from the above, we don't have the bandwidth to maintain this package as a general purpose solution, and from the issues and PRs, there some clear maintenance technical debt. Given that this package is from the Dart team, people can mis-interpret the intent to be to provide a general purpose or best-of-breed solution.

An alternative to the current situation is to:

  • in-line the part of this package that we use into the pub client
  • discontinue the package
  • let the the community fork and maintain this package (or to otherwise come up with a replacement solution)

We'll leave this issue open for a few weeks while we collect feedback; thanks in advance!

Other data points:

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hpoul commented Nov 10, 2022

Would be sad to see it abonded, i use it in quite a few flutter projects because it's pretty easy to understand and reason about, without many dependencies. Last time I researched alternatives, most were pretty opinionated about how they store credentials, or do it on there own internally, or even try to handle redirects as flutter plugins.
But i guess alternatives or forks would emerge anyway 🤔

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Same from me, I use it in several projects and also use it in a plugin oauth_webauth. Really sad to see discontinuing this package which is so simple to use and provide so clean pure dart implementation of OAuth2 grant types. I hope a different destiny for this package instead of discontinuing it.

copybara-service bot pushed a commit to dart-lang/sdk that referenced this issue Nov 11, 2022
Also removes package:oauth2 from DEPS (it is now vendored in pub).

See dart-lang/oauth2#137.

> git log --format="%C(auto) %h %s" 65c7f3e..6ac42d7 Use package:vendor to vendor package:tar and package:oauth2 (#3638) blast_repo fixes (#3646) blast_repo fixes (#3644) Refactor HTTP retries (#3325) (#3590) New command `dart pub cache preload` (#3636)


Change-Id: I6d2dffcac67b4bd1c1c91be952cca65c84d85493
Commit-Queue: Sigurd Meldgaard <>
Reviewed-by: Jonas Jensen <>
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I use this package also, would be pretty sad if you plan to discontinue it

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ahmednfwela commented Nov 18, 2022

@devoncarew would it be possible to transfer this package under ?
this way the community can contribute to it easier, and issues would be triaged under

even though this package doesn't depend on flutter, we can split it in 2 packages:

  1. under would be the oauth2 customizable protocol package (this one), perhaps with OIDC support as well.
  2. under would be a new flutter_oauth2 package which has platform specific implementations (opening browser, redirection, persistence, etc..)

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wstrange commented Nov 27, 2022

oauth2 is the cornerstone of modern APIs; It is critical that there exists a good solution here.

If Google can't maintain this repo, perhaps they can fund an organization that will? Like the flutter firebase plugins - which are Google sponsored but maintained by a 3rd party.

EDIT: I know this is a pretty big ask ;-) (Google can't fund everything). But if its a case of "we have money, but not people" this could be a way forward.

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Very saddened by this announcement.

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