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Dart samples


A collection of Dart programs that illustrate features and best practices. For a list of community-maintained projects, see Awesome Dart.


  • command_line - A command line app that parses command-line options and fetches from GitHub.
  • extension_methods - A set of samples that demonstrates the extension methods syntax and shows some common use cases of the feature.
  • null_safety/calculate_lix - A sample app that calculates the 'lix' readability index with an implementation that uses the tech preview of Dart's new null safety feature.
  • ffi - A series of simple examples demonstrating how to call C libraries from Dart.
  • isolates - Command line applications that demonstrate how to work with Concurrency in Dart using isolates. The examples read and parse JSON content in a worker isolate, and return the result to the main isolate.
  • native_app - A command line application that can be compiled to native code using dart2native.
  • server - Examples of running Dart on the server.
  • package_constraint_solver - Demonstrates best-practices for publishing packages on

More samples

  • Pop, Pop, Win! (Dart team) - An implementation of Minesweeper in Dart.


See the Contributing guide for details on how to contribute.