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Update new issue template.

- Clarify which products are developed in the SDK repo and point to
  other repos for relevant stuff.
- In particular, route language issues to language repo.

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munificent authored and committed Apr 30, 2019
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Thank you for taking the time to file an issue!

In order to route, prioritize, and act on this, please include:
This tracker is for issues related to:

* Analyzer
* Common Front End (CFE) and kernel
* Dart core libraries ("dart:async", "dart:io", etc.)
* Dart VM
* dart2js
* dartfix
* dev_compiler

Some other pieces of the Dart ecosystem are maintained elsewhere. Please
file issues in their repository:

* Dart language:
* Dart website:
* Flutter:
* Linter:
* dartfmt:

If you aren't sure, file the issue here and we'll find the right home for it.
In your issue, please include:

* Dart SDK Version (`dart --version`)
* Whether you are using Windows, MacOSX, or Linux (if applicable)
@@ -9,13 +29,10 @@ In order to route, prioritize, and act on this, please include:
Missing some or all of the above might make the issue take longer or be
impossible to act on.

If you simply have a question, consider starting with Stack Overflow:

Is it really an issue? For general questions consider starting with Stack

Also consider our Gitter channel for light-weight/quick discussions:
For a real-time response, consider our Gitter channel:


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