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Enable previewDart2 in static warning code kernel tests. Others passing.

Enable previewDart2 and annotate all @potentialAnalyzerProblems.

Also fix two of the @failingTests related to
#31073 which appear to be
passing now.
Change-Id: Ic2fd534c8a9cf45eccf0f5d09dc47cd4e78aaf42
Reviewed-by: Brian Wilkerson <>
Commit-Queue: Mike Fairhurst <>
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MichaelRFairhurst authored and committed Dec 8, 2017
1 parent 8a510b6 commit 62e5c677a814209e1ab95b14a6017253ec54ace7
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  1. +1,896 −6 pkg/analyzer/test/generated/static_warning_code_kernel_test.dart
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