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Use next stable release section in instead of dev releases.

Having a section for each dev release causes a difference between the master
and dev branch. That means there's always a merge conflict when doing dev
releases, and that doing a dev release requires merging the dev
back to master. We can avoid that churn by instead having a section for the
next stable release on the master branch.

This change means the master branch will no longer contain the history of
the dev releases leading up to the next stable release. However, we merge
all of those entries together anyway when doing a stable release, and the
changes in each dev release can be consulted by checking out the appropriate

Change-Id: If34651be4ccadb74fcce4a0004ab109bb003dd01
Reviewed-by: Alexander Thomas <>
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sortie committed Jun 18, 2019
1 parent 99e7850 commit 7d0c3f936d8c878859bc211c01af29aebd119bd2
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## 2.4.1-dev.XX.0
## Next release
(Add new changes here, and they will be copied to the change section for the
next dev version)
next release)

### Language

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