Enhancement Request: Add '.toFuture()' or '.toAsync()' as default method for all Function types #2705

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This issue was originally filed by prujo...@gmail.com

I find myself writing a function-to-future wrapper in most of my non-trivial projects.

Putting forward for consideration that it makes sense to just add a standard conversion to Future method on all Function types.


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This comment was originally written by jat@google.com

And what would the implementation look like? How would it convert the synchronous body of the function into an async one?

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This comment was originally written by prujoh...@gmail.com

@jat I'm just a simple caveman, but this is how I approach it:

  Future f2f(Function f){
    Completer c = new Completer();
    doIt() {
      window.setTimeout(doIt, 0);
    }catch (Exception e){
    return c.future;
  String expensiveFunc(int ms){
    var time = new Date.now();
    var nextTime = time;
    while(nextTime.difference(time).inMilliseconds < ms){
      nextTime = new Date.now();
    return "Expensive function finished.";
  f2f(() => expensiveFunc(5000)).then((v) => print(v));
  print('I print first.');

  // instead it would be nice if f2f() was standard method of Function...
  // expensiveFunc(5000).toFuture().then((v) => print(v));
  // also perhaps option to direct to a thread pool (wrapped in a Isolate [constrained that func must return isolate-legal value])
  // expensiveFunc(5000).toIsolate().then((v) => print(v));


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Thanks for the suggestion! Implemented with Future.of()

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