Allow `=` as separator for named parameter default value. #27559

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floitschG commented Oct 10, 2016 edited

We have foo([x = 42]) and foo({x: 42}) as the ways to specify default values for parameters.

That means that changing your function from a positional parameter to a named parameter is not just changing the [] to {}, you also have to change = to : - but it still means exactly the same thing (default value). This breaks the rule about similar things having similar syntax.

Even without changing from one type of parameter to another, I still regularly write = for named parameters. There is simply nothing to remind me that it's not =.

It might be cute that it 1) looks like a map or 2) looks like how the function is called, but the former is only true in trivial cases and the latter isn't helping anyway - it's not like positional parameter default values looks like arguments in a function call.

@floitschG floitschG added this to the 1.50 milestone Oct 10, 2016

This is also how named default parameters are done in ES2015:

screen shot 2016-10-11 at 09 57 59

@lrhn lrhn added a commit that referenced this issue Oct 14, 2016
@lrhn lrhn Add `=` as default-value separator for named parameters.
Fixes issue #27559.


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lrhn commented Oct 20, 2016

(Closing this, assuming the "intellij" checkmark is correct, the remaining ones were fixed by the same CL).


Magnificent! If only all language features could be implemented in one giant commit!

You should also update the CHANGELOG and otherwise let people know that this change exists. 🎉

lrhn commented Oct 21, 2016

Changelog was ac76d3e
About letting people know ... probably a good idea :)

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