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Flaky crash on vm-reload on test corelib_2/bigint_parse_radix_test #34361

whesse opened this Issue Sep 4, 2018 · 1 comment


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commented Sep 4, 2018

This flaky crash is occurring repeatedly on the linux-release-reload bots. Output with stack trace is at the bottom of this message.
The test is corelib_2/bigint_parse_radix_test. I will mark the test as crashing flakily. It crashes on builder

A related test was crashing flakily, but seems to have resolved itself: #31660

Error with stacktrace from

AILED: none-vm-checked release_x64 corelib_2/bigint_parse_radix_test
Expected: Pass Timeout
Actual: Crash
--- Command "vm" (took 05.000897s):
DART_CONFIGURATION=ReleaseX64 out/ReleaseX64/dart --no-preview-dart-2 --enable_asserts --enable_type_checks --hot-reload-test-mode --no_intrinsify --sync-async --ignore-unrecognized-flags --packages=/b/build/slave/vm-linux-release-x64-reload-be/build/sdk/.packages /b/build/slave/vm-linux-release-x64-reload-be/build/sdk/tests/corelib_2/bigint_parse_radix_test.dart
exit code:
===== CRASH =====
version=2.1.0-edge.56957ff17161f426684bb32c281b2c23d1df0398 (Tue Sep 4 08:54:59 2018 +0000) on "linux_x64"
si_signo=Segmentation fault(11), si_code=1, si_addr=0x2a43
Dumping native stack trace for thread 1e79
[0x00007fadc1f2fbdc] RegExp.matcher
[0x00007fadc1f2fbdc] RegExp.matcher
[0x00007fadc5540da3] [Stub] InvokeDartCode
[0x00007fadc68e5f39] dart::DartEntry::InvokeFunction(dart::Function const&, dart::Array const&, dart::Array const&, unsigned long)
[0x00007fadc6a77b8a] dart::IRRegExpMacroAssembler::Execute(dart::RegExp const&, dart::String const&, dart::Smi const&, bool, dart::Zone*)
[0x00007fadc684d155] Unknown symbol
[0x00007fadc684cdb2] dart::BootstrapNatives::DN_RegExp_ExecuteMatch(_Dart_NativeArguments*)
[0x00007fadc5540a59] [Stub] CallBootstrapNative
[0x00007fadc1f0fe35] _RegExp._ExecuteMatch
[0x00007fadc55413c0] [Stub] DeoptimizeLazyFromReturn
[0x00007fadc1f0a316] _BigIntImpl.parse
[0x00007fadc1f09e8f] BigInt.parse
[0x00007fadbbd5918f] testParseRadix.testParse
[0x00007fadc1f00850] testParseRadix
[0x00007fadc33fef3f] main
[0x00007fadc33fee18] main
[0x00007fadc33fdf04] _startIsolate.
[0x00007fadc33fdb6e] _RawReceivePortImpl._handleMessage
[0x00007fadc5540da3] [Stub] InvokeDartCode
[0x00007fadc68e5f39] dart::DartEntry::InvokeFunction(dart::Function const&, dart::Array const&, dart::Array const&, unsigned long)
[0x00007fadc68e96f3] dart::DartLibraryCalls::HandleMessage(dart::Object const&, dart::Instance const&)
[0x00007fadc691387b] dart::IsolateMessageHandler::HandleMessage(dart::Message*)
[0x00007fadc694419a] dart::MessageHandler::HandleMessages(dart::MonitorLocker*, bool, bool)
[0x00007fadc694490c] dart::MessageHandler::TaskCallback()
[0x00007fadc6ae297d] dart::ThreadPool::Worker::Loop()
[0x00007fadc6ae2814] dart::ThreadPool::Worker::Main(unsigned long)
[0x00007fadc69efcc9] Unknown symbol
-- End of DumpStackTrace
--- Re-run this test:
python tools/ -m release --checked --no-preview-dart-2 --hot-reload corelib_2/bigint_parse_radix_test


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commented Sep 4, 2018

This test is already marked as timing out flakily: #31659

dart-bot pushed a commit that referenced this issue Sep 4, 2018

Mark bigint_parse_radix_test as flaky crash on reload
Bug: #34361
Change-Id: Id77c3f4ca4a70317ee74ed937f6a12c731206415
Reviewed-by: Jonas Termansen <>
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