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Flaky crash 2863: error: expected: sticky_error_ == Error::null() #35590

alexmarkov opened this issue Jan 8, 2019 · 1 comment


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commented Jan 8, 2019

VM sporadically crashes on a newly added test lib_2/isolate/kill_regexp_test in dartkb/mixed mode:

  FAILED: dartkb-vm debug_x64 lib_2/isolate/kill_regexp_test
  Expected: Pass
  Actual: Crash
  --- Command "vm_compile_to_kernel" (took 01.000508s):
  DART_CONFIGURATION=DebugX64 /b/s/w/ir/pkg/vm/tool/gen_kernel --no-aot --platform=out/DebugX64/vm_platform_strong.dill -o /b/s/w/ir/out/DebugX64/generated_compilations/dartkb/tests_lib_2_isolate_kill_regexp_test.dart_1/out.dill /b/s/w/ir/tests/lib_2/isolate/kill_regexp_test.dart --packages=/b/s/w/ir/.packages -Ddart.developer.causal_async_stacks=true --gen-bytecode --drop-ast --emit-bytecode-source-positions
  exit code:
  --- Command "vm" (took 04.000447s):
  DART_CONFIGURATION=DebugX64 out/DebugX64/dart --no_intrinsify --enable_interpreter --ignore-unrecognized-flags --packages=/b/s/w/ir/.packages /b/s/w/ir/out/DebugX64/generated_compilations/dartkb/tests_lib_2_isolate_kill_regexp_test.dart_1/out.dill
  exit code:
  killing isolate 0
  killing isolate 2
  killing isolate 1
  killing isolate 3
  killing isolate 11
  killing isolate 7
  killing isolate 4
  killing isolate 5
  killing isolate 18
  killing isolate 15
  killing isolate 8
  killing isolate 10
  killing isolate 13
  killing isolate 12
  killing isolate 6
  killing isolate 14
  killing isolate 19
  killing isolate 9
  killing isolate 16
  killing isolate 17
  ../../runtime/vm/ 2863: error: expected: sticky_error_ == Error::null()
  thread=17848, isolate=out.dill:isomain1()(0x55b4c5355200)
    [0x000055b4c097931c] dart::Profiler::DumpStackTrace(void*)
    [0x000055b4c097931c] dart::Profiler::DumpStackTrace(void*)
    [0x000055b4c0c2fb82] dart::Assert::Fail(char const*, ...)
    [0x000055b4c08712a8] Unknown symbol
    [0x000055b4c08a6cee] dart::MessageHandler::HandleMessages(dart::MonitorLocker*, bool, bool)
    [0x000055b4c08a7916] dart::MessageHandler::TaskCallback()
    [0x000055b4c0a3998c] dart::ThreadPool::Worker::Loop()
    [0x000055b4c0a3946a] dart::ThreadPool::Worker::Main(unsigned long)
    [0x000055b4c0972fd5] Unknown symbol
  -- End of DumpStackTrace
  --- Re-run this test:
  python tools/ -n dartkb-mixed-linux-debug-x64 lib_2/isolate/kill_regexp_test

full log

When running locally, crash appeared once per 1000 runs.

/cc @crelier @rmacnak-google

dart-bot pushed a commit that referenced this issue Jan 8, 2019

[gardening] Mark test as flaky in dartkb mode
Issue: #35590
Change-Id: I95721a0a62a1e6201ffd4f7833eed089f915c2e5
Auto-Submit: Alexander Markov <>
Commit-Queue: Ryan Macnak <>
Reviewed-by: Ryan Macnak <>

This comment has been minimized.

@dart-bot dart-bot closed this in b10f179 Jan 17, 2019

dart-bot pushed a commit that referenced this issue Jan 18, 2019

Revert "[vm] Cleanup Dart_Get/Set/HasStickyError API and use isolate'…
…s sticky error only as a backup for thread's sticky error"

This reverts commit b10f179.

Reason for revert: failed service/* tests

Original change's description:
> [vm] Cleanup Dart_Get/Set/HasStickyError API and use isolate's sticky error only as a backup for thread's sticky error
> Both thread and isolate have sticky error fields. Dart API was using
> isolate's sticky error, while Dart code was using thread's sticky error.
> There was a one-way move of a thread's sticky error into isolate
> when thread was unscheduled.
> This causes a problem as error in the isolate may go unnoticed and
> repeated unscheduling/re-scheduling might end up overwriting the error
> in the isolate (which triggers the assertion).
> To solve this problem, this CL:
> * Cleans up Dart API which manipulates isolate's sticky error, so
>   isolate's sticky error is never set directly.
> * When sceduling an isolate to a thread, sticky error is moved back from
>   isolate (if any).
> With this changes, thread's sticky error is always used if thread is running,
> and isolate's sticky error is only used to hold sticky error while
> isolate has no thread.
> Fixes #35590
> Change-Id: I99b128cac363ca2df75f6e64c083b1ec36c866ce
> Reviewed-on:
> Reviewed-by: Ryan Macnak <>
> Commit-Queue: Alexander Markov <>,,,

Change-Id: I15874575b6b8ddca618741c59c21d4e692c4dcab
No-Presubmit: true
No-Tree-Checks: true
No-Try: true
Reviewed-by: Alexander Markov <>
Commit-Queue: Alexander Markov <>
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