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vm/cc/GenKernelKernelMaxRSS test now crashing more consistently on cross-vm-linux-release-arm64 #36628

sstrickl opened this Issue Apr 15, 2019 · 0 comments


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sstrickl commented Apr 15, 2019

This test has been in the "ignored flaky test failure logs" category for quite a while now, but it seems to have recently become more consistent and thus is now showing up in the "unapproved failures" log (example log).

  | vm/cc/GenKernelKernelMaxRSS failed again (Crash, expected Pass) |
  --- Command "run_vm_unittest" (took 02.000859s):
  DART_CONFIGURATION=ReleaseXARM64 out/ReleaseXARM64/run_vm_tests --dfe=/b/s/w/ir/out/ReleaseXARM64/gen/kernel_service.dill --ignore-unrecognized-flags GenKernelKernelMaxRSS
  exit code:
  ===== CRASH =====
  si_signo=Segmentation fault(11), si_code=1, si_addr=0x8
  version=2.2.1-edge.e9ca6a5335f970ec4ea6d2784430c9a8f447c39f (Fri Apr 12 13:30:15 2019 +0000) on "linux_arm64"
  thread=21118, isolate=kernel-service(0xaaab25531b00)
    pc 0x0000aaaaebc123d4 fp 0x0000ffffb523cfd0 dart::BackgroundCompiler::Compile(dart::Function const&)
    pc 0x0000aaaaeba8dbec fp 0x0000ffffb523d900 dart::DRT_OptimizeInvokedFunction(dart::NativeArguments)
    pc 0x0000aaaaeb94bbb4 fp 0x0000ffffb523dab0 out/ReleaseXARM64/run_vm_tests+0x3658bb4
    pc 0x0000aaaaeb951658 fp 0x0000ffffb523df60 dart::Interpreter::Call(dart::RawFunction*, dart::RawArray*, long, dart::RawObject* const*, dart::Thread*)
    pc 0x0000aaaaeba8f5fc fp 0x0000ffffb523dfe0 dart::RuntimeEntry::InterpretCall(dart::RawFunction*, dart::RawArray*, long, dart::RawObject**, dart::Thread*)
    pc 0x0000ffffb5341788 fp 0x0000ffffb523e000 Unknown symbol
    pc 0x0000ffffb34a4740 fp 0x0000ffffb523e048 Unknown symbol
    pc 0x0000ffffb34a40a0 fp 0x0000ffffb523e088 Unknown symbol
    pc 0x0000ffffb34a18fc fp 0x0000ffffb523e100 Unknown symbol
    pc 0x0000ffffb34a0358 fp 0x0000ffffb523e158 Unknown symbol
    pc 0x0000ffffb349b6b0 fp 0x0000ffffb523e228 Unknown symbol
    pc 0x0000ffffb3497548 fp 0x0000ffffb523e278 Unknown symbol
    pc 0x0000ffffb3496c18 fp 0x0000ffffb523e2d8 Unknown symbol
    pc 0x0000ffffb34962f0 fp 0x0000ffffb523e310 Unknown symbol
    pc 0x0000ffffb5341cb0 fp 0x0000ffffb523e3d8 Unknown symbol
    pc 0x0000aaaaeb91e2dc fp 0x0000ffffb523e480 dart::DartEntry::InvokeFunction(dart::Function const&, dart::Array const&, dart::Array const&, unsigned long)
    pc 0x0000aaaaeb9dab28 fp 0x0000ffffb523e510 dart::Library::Invoke(dart::String const&, dart::Array const&, dart::Array const&, bool, bool) const
    pc 0x0000aaaaebc66394 fp 0x0000ffffb523e620 Dart_Invoke
    pc 0x0000aaaaeb76e840 fp 0x0000ffffb523e660 dart::bin::DartUtils::PrepareBuiltinLibrary(_Dart_Handle*, _Dart_Handle*, bool, bool)
    pc 0x0000aaaaeb76edac fp 0x0000ffffb523e6d0 dart::bin::DartUtils::PrepareForScriptLoading(bool, bool)
    pc 0x0000aaaaeb5945b4 fp 0x0000ffffb523e760 out/ReleaseXARM64/run_vm_tests+0x32a15b4
    pc 0x0000aaaaeb975534 fp 0x0000ffffb523e800 out/ReleaseXARM64/run_vm_tests+0x3682534
    pc 0x0000aaaaebac3184 fp 0x0000ffffb523e840 dart::ThreadPool::Worker::Loop()
    pc 0x0000aaaaebac2fb4 fp 0x0000ffffb523e880 dart::ThreadPool::Worker::Main(unsigned long)
    pc 0x0000aaaaeba2ff58 fp 0x0000ffffb523e930 out/ReleaseXARM64/run_vm_tests+0x373cf58
    pc 0x0000ffffb59bbfc4 fp 0x0000ffffb523e940 /lib/aarch64-linux-gnu/
  -- End of DumpStackTrace
  --- Re-run this test:
  python tools/ -n dartk-linux-release-arm64 vm/cc/GenKernelKernelMaxRSS

It started failing more consistently in this build and has been red since.

Approving this failure for now, since there's no clear culprit that caused it to revert.

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