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Feature Request: Easily access the operating system's current default browser #7402

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With a local client side application, with

import 'dart:io';
I think there should be a simple way to find the users current default browser and then load a web page. (Locally stored HTML or a url)

I've searched the API documentation at, yet have found no easy way, without messing with Processes and having to take care of multiple operating systems.

Are there are plans to simplify this? Preferably similar to the Desktop class in java?(

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Thanks for the feature request. We do not have current plans for adding high-level APIs like this to dart:io. We are focused on lower-level APIs.

As the comments on stackoverflow mention, this should be easy to built as a package on top of Platform and Process classes in dart:io. It would be a great addition to the community Pub packages.

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