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  • Fix circular typedef stack overflow. (#33599)
  • Check that the implemented member is a valid override of the member from
    the super constraint. (#34693)
  • Begin replacing InheritanceManager with InheritanceManager2 and
    deprecate older members.
  • Performance fixups with Analysis Driver.
  • Verify the superconstraint signature invoked by a mixin. (#34896)
  • In_matchInterfaceSubtypeOf, account for mixins having null. (#34907)
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  • Allow annotations on enum constants.
  • Analyzer fully supports being run on the VM with --preview-dart-2.
  • Fix heap usage regression by not storing bytes in the file cache.
  • Add AnalysisSessionHelper.getTopLevelPropertyAccessor().
  • Don't infer types when there's an irreconcilable type mismatch (#32305)
  • Many fasta parser improvements.
  • Use @isTest and @isTestGroup to understand executable element as a
    test/group. To use, add @isTest annotations (from package:meta)
    to the methods in their package which define a test.
void myMagicTest(String name, FutureOr Function() body) {
  test(name, body);

When subscribed to notifications for outlines of a test file,
they will include elements for UNIT_TEST_GROUP and UNIT_TEST_TEST.

  • Improve guess for type name identifier. (#32765)
  • Fix LineInfo.getOffsetOfLineAfter().
  • Remove some flutter specific analysis code.
  • Fix resolution tests when run locally.
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  • Refactoring to make element model logic sharable with
    linker. (#32525, #32674)
  • Gracefully handle an invalid packages file. (#32560)
  • Fix silent inconsistency in top level inference. (#32394)
  • Fix test to determine whether a library is in the SDK. (#32707)
  • Fix for type inference from instance creation arguments.
  • Make GenericFunctionTypeElementForLink implement
    GenericFunctionTypeElementImpl (#32708)
  • Check for missing required libraries dart:core and dart:async. (#32686)
  • Add callable object support. (#32156, #32157, #32426)
  • Avoid putting libraries of all analyzed units in the current
    session. (too expensive)
  • Deprecate the option to enable using a URI in a part-of directive.
  • Support implicit call() invocation in top-level inference. (#32740)
  • Don't emit errors for lint rule names.
  • Allow empty flutter: sections in pubspec files.
  • Remove the special casing of 'packages' files from the analyzer and analysis
  • Initial implementation of API to build analysis contexts (replacing
  • Fix regression in Analyzer callable function support. (#32769)
  • Several performance enhancements, including:
    • Add a shared cache of FileState contents (making flutter repo analysis
      ~12% faster).
    • Replace SourceFactory.resolveUri() with resolveRelativeUri() in
      resynthesizer. (10% faster flutter repo analysis)
    • Optimize computing exported namespaces in FileState.
    • Optimize computing exported namespaces in prelinker. (8% faster
      flutter repo analysis)
    • Add NodeLintRule and UnitLintRule that replace AstVisitor in lints.
      (6% faster flutter repo analysis)
  • Remove fuzzy arrow support from analyzer. (#31637)
  • More fixes for running the analyzer with Dart 2.
  • Add isXYZ accessors to ParameterElementForLink_VariableSetter. (#32896)
  • Deprecated/removed some unused classes and libraries from the public API.
  • Instantiate bounds to bounds.
  • Use package:path instead of AbsolutePathContext.
  • Check that argument is assignable to parameter in call() (#27098)
  • preview-dart-2 is now the default for the command line analyzer, also
    implying strong. Use --no-strong and --no-preview-dart-2 to handle
    Dart 1 code.
  • Export SyntheticBeginToken and SyntheticToken from the analyzer for
  • Improve error messages for annotations involving undefined names (#27788)
  • Add support for getting parse results synchronously.
  • Change linter subscriptions from functions to AstVisitor(s).
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  • Don't expect type arguments for class type parameters of static methods.
  • Beginnings of changes to make analyzer code --preview-dart-2 safe, though
    this version is not vetted for that.
  • Infer type arguments in constructor redirections (#30855)
  • Report errors on "as void" and "is void".
  • Fix instantiating typedefs to bounds (#32114)
  • preview-dart-2 implies strong-mode now and other preview-dart-2 fixes.
  • Store method invocation arguments in summaries when needed for inference (partial fix for #32394)
  • Fix top-level inference and implicit creation (#32397)
  • Do not hint when only a responsive asset exists (#32250)
  • Do not hint when using a deprecated parameter in the defining function
  • Fix parsing of super expressions (#32393)
  • Disable conflicting generics test in the task model (#32421)
  • Change how we find analysis roots (#31343, #31344)
  • Fix problem with AST re-writing interacting poorly with inference (#32342)
  • Disallow if a class inconsistently implements a generic interface.
  • Infer void for operator[]= return in task mode for DDC (#32241)
  • Finish and improve mixin type inference in the analyzer (#32146, #32353, #32372)
  • Many enhancements to getElementDeclarations() (#29510, #32495)
  • Remove hint when there's no return from a Future and async method.
  • Add a code range to ElementDeclaration (#29510)
  • Many, many fasta parser changes and improvements.
  • Add missing void annotation (#32161)
  • Add more null-aware hints (#32239)
  • Fix implicit new/const computation (#32221)
  • Treat invocations on dynamic as unknown, except for return type of == (#32173)
  • Fix crash in generic function type argument of unresolved class (#32162)
  • Fix path formatting on windows (#32095)
  • front_end implementation of mixin type inference (#31984)
  • analysis_options no longer breaks some properties (#31345)
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  • front_end handling of callable classes (#32064)
  • Improve fasta parser error reporting.
  • Check for unresolved imports to improve handling of optional new/const (#32150).
  • Changes to front_end handling of callable classes.
  • Normalize Windows drive letters to uppercase for analysis (#32095, #32042, #28895).
  • Relax void errors: no error assigning void to void variable.
  • Keep unresolved import/export directives for task based analysis
  • Promote TOP_LEVEL_CYCLE to an error.
  • Code cleanups.
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  • Update to reflect that _InternalLinkedHashMap is not a subtype of HashMap
    in sdk 2.0.0-dev.22.0.