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djpnewton and ffi example: - fix example code
gradle does not expand variables if the string has single quotes

Closes #37516

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Sample code dart:ffi

This is an illustrative sample for how to use dart:ffi.

Building and Running this Sample

Building and running this sample is done through pub. Running pub get and pub run example/main should produce the following output.

$ pub get
Resolving dependencies... (6.8s)
+ analyzer 0.35.4
+ yaml 2.1.15
Downloading analyzer 0.35.4...
Downloading kernel 0.3.14...
Downloading front_end 0.1.14...
Changed 47 dependencies!
Precompiling executables... (18.0s)
Precompiled test:test.
$ pub run example/main
1 Chocolade chip cookie Chocolade cookie foo
2 Ginger cookie null 42
3 Cinnamon roll null null
1 Chocolade chip cookie Chocolade cookie foo
2 Ginger cookie null 42
expected exception on accessing result data after close: The result has already been closed.
expected this query to fail: no such column: non_existing_column (Code 1: SQL logic error)


A tutorial walking through the code is available in docs/ For information on how to use this package within a Flutter app, see [docs/]. (Note: iOS is not yet supported).

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