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Add simple sub routing system #74

bubulemaster opened this Issue May 8, 2017 · 4 comments


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bubulemaster commented May 8, 2017

Hi all,

if you want use both createStaticHandler and createRpcHandler with shelf_io.serve(), you cannot do this natively.

I purpose to create a PR to add this method in shelf_io.dart to do this easly.

import 'package:shelf/shelf.dart';
import 'dart:core';

/// Creates a Shelf [Handler] that allow to register some Shelf [Handler] like
/// [createStaticHandler] or [createRpcHandler] on same listener.
/// Just give map [routing] to link [key] that represent path to [value] that
/// contain handler.
/// The path [key] is only static path.
Handler createSubHandler(Map<String, Handler> routing) {
  return (Request request) {
    // Selected path
    String selectedPath = '';

    routing.forEach((key, value) {
      String currentPath = '/' + request.url.path;

      if (currentPath.startsWith(key)
        && currentPath.length > selectedPath.length) {
        selectedPath = key;

    Handler h = routing[selectedPath];

    if (h == null) {
      return new Response.notFound('Not Found');
    } else {
      Uri requestUri = request.requestedUri;

      Uri newRequestedUri = new Uri(
        scheme: requestUri.scheme,
        userInfo: requestUri.userInfo,
        // Getter return empty string if host is null
        host: == 0 ? null :,
        port: requestUri.port,
        path: requestUri.path.substring(selectedPath.length - 1),
        query: requestUri.query,
        queryParameters: requestUri.queryParameters,
        fragment: requestUri.fragment);

      Uri url = request.url;

      Uri newUrl = new Uri(
        scheme: url.scheme,
        userInfo: url.userInfo,
        // Getter return empty string if host is null
        host: == 0 ? null :,
        port: url.port,
        path: url.path.substring(selectedPath.length - 1),
        query: url.query,
        queryParameters: url.queryParameters,
        fragment: url.fragment);

      Request newRequest = new Request(request.method, newRequestedUri,
        protocolVersion: request.protocolVersion,
        headers: request.headers,
        handlerPath: request.handlerPath,
        url: newUrl,
        body: request.readAsString().asStream(),
        encoding: request.encoding,
        context: request.context,
        onHijack: request.hijack);

      return h(newRequest);

Its use like:

// Create a Shelf handler for your RPC API.
var handlerApi = shelf_rpc.createRpcHandler(apiServer);
// Create a Shelf handler for static file
var handlerStatic = shelf_static.createStaticHandler('example/files', defaultDocument: 'index.html');

var handler = shelf_io.createSubHandler({
  '/': handlerStatic,
  '/api/': handlerApi,
  '/api/toto/': otherHandler

Do you think is good feature ?

Have you any suggestion about this ?



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nex3 commented May 16, 2017

I'd really like to keep routing out of shelf core. There's a lot of room for different, valid opinions about routing, which suggests to me that we shouldn't declare a "canonical" version in shelf itself—shelf is explicitly intended as a foundation on which other packages can be built, not a batteries-included server framework.

@nex3 nex3 closed this May 16, 2017


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bubulemaster commented May 17, 2017

Ok, thanks for your reply


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MarkOSullivan94 commented Feb 6, 2019

Curious if anyone has a recommendation for routing which is compatible with Dart 2.x?

I noticed there was both shelf_route and shelf_rest but both haven't been updated to support Dart 2.x


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kevmoo commented Feb 7, 2019

If you're keen @MarkOSullivan94 , I'd suggest taking the best of those options and create your own. Once you've validated it for your needs, consider publishing it for others!

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