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The versions that this documentation and its examples use.

{% assign pubPkgUrl = '' -%} This site's documentation and examples use the {{}}{} release of the Dart SDK{}, with the current package versions listed in bold below. Previous and next versions of packages are also shown when they exist.

<style>#pkgs span.pad { padding-right: 0.2em }</style>

{:#pkgs} {% for pkgDataPair in -%} {%- assign name = pkgDataPair[0] -%} {%- assign info = pkgDataPair[1] -%} {%- if name != 'SDK' %}

{% comment %} We need the

below to wrap the entire dd content. {% endcomment -%} {{name}} :
{%- if site.prev-url and info.prev-vers %}

  • {{info.prev-vers}} (package {%- if and info.doc-path -%} , docs {%- else %} , docs {%- endif -%} ) {%- endif -%} {%- if info.vers %}
  • {{info.vers}} (package {%- if info.doc-path -%} , docs {%- endif -%} ) {%- endif -%} {%- if and %}
  • {{}} (package {%- if info.doc-path -%} , docs {%- endif -%} ) {%- endif -%} {%- comment %} Because of the way element-inlined markdown is processed, we can't explicitly close the div. But the markdown processor closes the div for us. {% endcomment -%} {%- endif -%} {%- endfor %}

Angular alpha and beta releases are production quality

Google thoroughly tests each version of AngularDart—even alpha releases—to ensure that our mission-critical apps that depend on Angular continue to work well.

The alpha label indicates that the API is changing, and that the release (or a release after it) might break your code.

**[Let us know if you find issues.](** Google's [test and development environment]( is different from the usual Dart environment, so sometimes we miss issues with configuration or testing.

For more information, see the documentation for the pub version scheme.

Example code

Each example in the AngularDart documentation has a repo under the GitHub organization angular-examples. These example repos are generated from the dart-lang/site-angulardart repo, using files under the examples directory.

Other Angular implementations

AngularDart started out with the same codebase as the TypeScript Angular framework, which is documented at

Although the code is now separate, the two projects are as similar as possible, while still making the most of Dart features and libraries.

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