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About AngularDart Components
Material design components for AngularDart

AngularDart Components help you create AngularDart apps that adhere to Material Design guidelines. These components, implemented by the angular_components package and contributed to by hundreds of Googlers, provide a productive and stable set of widgets. Supported browsers include the last two versions of Chrome, Edge, Firefox, and Safari.

**Note:** The `angular_components` package does not support Internet Explorer.

To find components, go to the AngularDart Gallery{: .no-automatic-external} (shown below). The gallery is an app that shows all the supported components, along with source code links and API descriptions.

Screenshot #1 of the AngularDart Gallery Screenshot #2 of the AngularDart Gallery

Additional resources for AngularDart Components:

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Screenshot of the Lottery Simulator example from the AngularDart Components codelab