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Using JSON
Dart solutions for reading and writing JSON.

Most mobile and web apps use JSON for tasks such as exchanging data with a web server. This page discusses Dart support for JSON serialization and deserialization: converting Dart objects to and from JSON.


The following libraries and packages are useful across Dart platforms:

  • dart:convert
    Converters for both JSON and UTF-8 (the character encoding that JSON requires).

  • package:json_serializable
    An easy-to-use code generation package. When you add some metadata annotations and use the builder provided by this package, the Dart build system generates serialization and deserialization code for you.

  • package:built_value
    A powerful, opinionated alternative to json_serializable.

Flutter resources

JSON and serialization : Shows how Flutter apps can serialize and deserialize both with dart:convert and with json_serializable.

Web app resources

AngularDart Tutorial, part 6: HTTP : Illustrates how a Dart web app can interact with a RESTful backend using JSON data.

Using HTTP resources with HttpRequest : Demonstrates how to use HttpRequest to exchange data with a web server. Part of the dart:html library tour.

VM resources

Write HTTP Clients & Servers : Walks through how to implement command-line clients and servers that exchange JSON data.

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Other tools and resources

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