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Overview: The Dart Language
Dart Language

These two resources are popular with both beginning Dartisans and experts.

A Tour of the Dart Language

A walk through all of Dart's major language features.

Effective Dart

A set of guides that show you how to write the best Dart code possible. There are guides on Dart style, documentation, usage, and design.

Other resources

  • [Dart's Type System](/guides/language/sound-dart)
    Learn about Dart's sound type system.
    • [Fixing Common Type Problems](/guides/language/sound-problems)
      How to fix errors and warnings you may encounter.
  • [Customize Static Analysis](/guides/language/analysis-options)
    A guide on customizing the analyzer using an analysis options file.
  • Asynchronous programming
    • [Futures](/tutorials/language/futures)
      A beginner's guide to handling asynchronous programming in Dart.
    • [Streams](/tutorials/language/streams)
      A beginner's guide to handling sequences of asynchronous events.
  • [Language articles](/articles/language)
    Articles about language features such as mixins and asynchrony support.
  • [Specification](/guides/language/spec)
    A definitive, highly technical description of the Dart language.