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Install Dart
The bundles that support the Dart language.

Although DartPad{: target="_blank"} is a great way to learn how to write a simple app, once you're ready to develop real apps, you need an SDK.

Install the SDK for your platform.


  • {:.card.narrow}[![Flutter logo][]{: width="100"}][Flutter install]{} {:.logo}

    [Flutter][Flutter install]

    To develop mobile apps, get the Flutter SDK.

  • {:.card.narrow}[![Web logo][]{: width="100"}][Web install]{} {:.logo}

    [Web][Web install]

    To develop web apps, get the Dart SDK.

  • {:.card.narrow}![Dart logo representing server-side Dart][Dart logo]{: width="100"}{} {:.logo}


    To develop command-line or server-side apps, get the Dart SDK.

[Dart logo]: {% asset shared/dart/logo/default.svg @path %} [Flutter]: {{site.flutter}} [Flutter install]: {{site.flutter}}/get-started [Flutter logo]: {% asset shared/flutter/logo/square.svg @path %} [Web install]: {{site.webdev}}/tools/sdk#install [Web logo]: {% asset shared/angular/icon/default.svg @path %}