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Server-Side Dart
All things relating to command-line and server-side apps.

This page points to tools and documentation that can help you develop command-line and server-side apps.


DartPad : Handy for both beginners and experts, DartPad lets you try out language features and dart:* APIs.

**Note:** DartPad does **not** support using dart:io APIs or importing libraries from packages.

Dart SDK : Install the Dart SDK to get the core Dart libraries and tools.

More tools : The Dart Tools page links to generally useful tools, such as Dart plugins for your favorite IDE or editor.


You might find the following tutorials helpful.

Get Started : Shows how to write a basic Dart script.

gRPC Quickstart : Walks you through running and modifying a client-server example that uses the gRPC framework.

Write Command-Line Apps : Introduces dart:io and the args package.

Write HTTP Clients & Servers : Features dart:io and the http_server package.

More resources : API reference for dart:* libraries.

A Tour of the dart:io Library : Shows how to use the major features of the dart:io library. You can use the dart:io library in command-line scripts, servers, and Flutter mobile apps.

Articles: Server-Side Dart : A collection of articles covering topics such as benchmarking, numeric computation, and SIMD.