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Command-line tool for static analysis

The dartanalyzer command performs the same static analysis that you get when you use an IDE or editor that has Dart support.

Here's an example of performing static analysis over all the Dart files under the lib, test, and web directories:

$ dartanalyzer lib test web

You can customize the analysis using an analysis options file or special comments in Dart source code. For details, see Customizing static analysis.

For information on command-line options, use the --help flag:

$ dartanalyzer --help

{% comment %} [PENDING: Add info on commonly used options.]

[PENDING: Consider providing some sample output and using it to explain to users how to interpret the output.]

Feature --options, --no-implicit-casts, --no-implicit-dynamic?

Usage: dartanalyzer [options...] <directory or list of files>

    --dart-sdk                  The path to the Dart SDK.
    --options                   Path to an analysis options file.
    --package-root              The path to a package root directory (deprecated). This option cannot be used with --packages.
    --[no-]declaration-casts    Disable declaration casts in strong mode (
                                This option is now ignored and will be removed in a future release.

    --[no-]implicit-casts       Disable implicit casts in strong mode (
    --no-implicit-dynamic       Disable implicit dynamic (
    --packages                  The path to the package resolution configuration file, which supplies a mapping of package names
                                to paths. This option cannot be used with --package-root.

    --[no-]lints                Show lint results.
    --format                    Specifies the format in which errors are displayed; the only currently allowed value is 'machine'.
    --version                   Print the analyzer version.
    --enable-experiment         Enable one or more experimental features. If multiple features are being added, they should be comma separated.
    --no-hints                  Do not show hint results.
    --fatal-infos               Treat infos as fatal.
    --fatal-warnings            Treat non-type warnings as fatal.
-h, --help                      Display this help message. Add --verbose to show hidden options.
-v, --verbose                   Verbose output.

{% endcomment %}

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