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Web libraries and packages
Web libraries
Libraries and packages that can help you write Dart web apps.

The Dart SDK contains dart:html and other libraries that provide low-level web APIs. You can supplement or replace these APIs using web packages, such as those in the AngularDart framework.

SDK libraries

The Dart SDK contains dart:html and other libraries that provide low-level web APIs.

Low-level web tutorials : An overview of DOM, CSS, and HTML concepts, with information on how to include a Dart script in an HTML page and how to add and remove elements from a web page. These tutorials feature interactive examples in DartPad.

The dart:html section of the library tour : An example-driven tour of using the dart:html library. Topics include manipulating the DOM programmatically, making HTTP requests, and using WebSockets.

dart:html API reference : Complete reference documentation for the dart:html library.

Web packages

Many packages support web development with Dart. Here are a few:

|-----------------+---------------------------------+--------------------------| | Library | Packages | Notes | |-----------------|---------------------------------|--------------------------| | AngularDart | angular* | Useful for complex apps that support features such as event handling and dependency injection. More info: AngularDart documentation, AngularDart Components | | Material Design | md_core, m4d_components | Basic Material Design components. | | React | react | Bindings for the ReactJS library. | | Vue | vue | Bindings for the Vue.js library. | {:.table .table-striped}

To find more libraries that support writing web apps, search for web packages.

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Also see the FAQ.

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