Anonymous analytics and crash reports

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To improve Stagehand, it uses Google Analytics to measure aggregated and anonymous usage of the tool.

On first run, Stagehand prompts to ask the user to opt-in to measuring additional analytics data. Something close to:

[?] May stagehand anonymously report usage statistics to improve the tool over time? (Y/n) 

If the user opts-in to additional analytics data, Stagehand also uses Google Analytics to capture exceptions and errors (crash reports) generated by the tool.

To opt-out of additional analytics data, run stagehand with --no-analytics. Using --no-analytics does not opt-out of update pings. The --no-analytics option is displayed when --help is used.

Only developers that have a need-to-know can view the aggregated and anonymized data.

Stagehand is covered under the Google Privacy Policy.

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