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@grouma grouma released this Jun 18, 2018 · 7 commits to master since this release

  • No change from 0.12.42. We are simply signaling to users that this is a
    well supported package and is the preferred way to write Dart tests.


@grouma grouma released this Jun 15, 2018 · 8 commits to master since this release

  • Add support for solo test and group. When the argument is true only tests
    and groups marked as solo will be run. It is still recommended that users
    instead filter their tests by using the runner argument -n.

  • Updated exported package:matcher to 0.12.3 which includes these updates:

    • Many improvements to TypeMatcher

      • Can now be used directly as const TypeMatcher<MyType>().

      • Added a type parameter to specify the target Type.

        • Made the name constructor parameter optional and marked it deprecated.
          It's redundant to the type parameter.
      • Migrated all isType matchers to TypeMatcher.

      • Added a having function that allows chained validations of specific
        features of the target type.

        /// Validates that the object is a [RangeError] with a message containing
        /// the string 'details' and `start` and `end` properties that are `null`.
        final _rangeMatcher = isRangeError
           .having((e) => e.message, 'message', contains('details'))
           .having((e) => e.start, 'start', isNull)
           .having((e) => e.end, 'end', isNull);
    • Deprecated the isInstanceOf class. Use TypeMatcher instead.

    • Improved the output of Matcher instances that fail due to type errors.


@grouma grouma released this Jun 14, 2018 · 11 commits to master since this release

  • Add support for debugging VM tests.
  • Tweak default reporter and color logic again so that they are always enabled on all non-windows platforms.