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custom events don't work #242

jmesserly opened this Issue December 05, 2012 · 3 comments

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John Messerly Jonas sigmundch
John Messerly

We don't allow "on-" to work with custom event names, as far as I can tell.

Sanjo commented May 30, 2013


The code generator must generate on['eventName'] instead of onEventName for custom events. Like:

__t.listen(__e1.on['eventName'], ($event) { print('The event "eventName" triggered.'); });

I could try to implement this.


Hi @sanjo, thanks for the pull request! we'll take a look shortly.

I should clarify that one challenge here is that we should use 'onClick' instead of on["click"] whenever that's possible. In particular, dart:html has polyfills for various events that only work if you use the former syntax. For example onMouseWheel and onTransitionEnd won't work using the '[]' notation.

Another challenge in the case of custom events and components is that we might have to do something different if you are attaching an event directly to a custom element or a parent. If you attach it to a parent (you want to use bubbling or capture of events) then we need the on["click"] syntax, but if we attach it directly to the custom-element, we probably want to call onClick stream directly on the element (or the .xtag of the host element)

John Messerly

fixed in polymer

John Messerly jmesserly closed this November 07, 2013
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