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The site. Built with Jekyll (
and hosted on App Engine.
File issues and bugs here:
Fork and submit patches here:
* ./src
* contains all the working files
* ./src/appengine
* contains app engine configuration files
* ./src/site
* documents, HTML files, images, etc.
* you will work out of here normally
* ./build
* generated by jekyll, to be deployed to server
* this directory is transient, can be deleted
* Ensure you have Python 2.7.
* On a mac? You might want the binary install of Python at
* Open a new Terminal.
* run 'gem install jekyll'
* ensure you are using 0.11.2 or higher
* run 'gem install kramdown'
* run 'gem install pygments.rb'
* run 'gem install compass'
* Install a forked version of compass-twitter-bootstrap
* git clone git://
* cd compass-twitter-bootstrap
* (ensure you have bundler installed. try running 'sudo gem install bundler')
* run 'bundle'
* run 'rake build'
* cd pkg
* run 'gem install compass_twitter_bootstrap'
* install the bleeding edge of Pygments
* hg clone
* cd pygments-main
* python install
* Download and install the App Engine launcher:
* Tell App Engine to use Python 2.7 if it's not
* It will say, in the log "you're using 2.6"
* On a Mac?
* Go to Preferences, and enter the direct path to the Python 2.7 binary,
which you downloaded from
* The full path is /Library/Frameworks/Python.framework/Versions/2.7/bin/python2.7
* Make sure you are in the root of this project.
* Run the server: 'make server'
* Your web browser opens to http://localhost:8080
* You may need to reload once.
* Edit, create docs as normal.
* run 'make clean && make deploy'
* this builds the site and places everything into 'build'
* this command also uses the current branch for the app engine version name
* this command will then deploy the site
* You will probably need to grab a unique password from your Google Account settings.
* Save this into the App Engine Launcher during the first deployment.
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