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title: Dart for Hipsters Table of Contents
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Fast, Flexible, Structured
Code for the Modern Web
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<h3>Table of Contents</h3>
<p><i>The First Edition is now available.</i></p>
<li>1. PROJECT: Your First Dart Application</li>
<li>2. Basic Types</li>
<li>3. Functional Programming in Dart</li>
<li>4. Manipulating the DOM</li>
<li>5. Compiling to Javascript</li>
<li>6. PROJECT: Implementing an MVC Library in Dart</li>
<li>7. Classes and Objects</li>
<li>8. Libraries</li>
<li>9. Events</li>
<li>10. PROJECT: Varying Behavior</li>
<li>11. Testing Dart</li>
<li>12. PROJECT: An End to Callback Hell</li>
<li>13. Futures and Isolates</li>
<li>14. Dart <3 HTML5</li>
<p>Suggestions? Am I missing something that I absolutely must have? Should I drop anything? <b>Please, please, please <a href="">Add Suggestions!</a></b>
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