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Gridulator to CSS Tool


Web Tool

URL to tool:

Gridulator is a handy tool to quickly design simple pixel based grids. Unfortunately, it doesn't create the CSS for the grid system.

I initially created this tool for my Langara CSS Fundamentals class to help teach grid systems in web design. Calculating CSS for grids is annoying so I wanted to simplify the process!

Using Sass

Alternatively most of the web tool's functionality can be accomplished using the Sass preprocessor.

I've added a "sass" folder containing a _grid.scss partial file. To use the functionality, add the file to your sass partials folder and reference the partial in your main Sass file using the @import rule. The reference should be higher up in the main file so that the variables and functions can be used in other output areas.

What's New?

December 2015

  • Added a Sass partial file which works similar to the web application (see above)

April 2014

  • Simplified the CSS output float/gutter declaration using an attribute selector instead of listing out all of the grid classes.
  • Added a CSS output rule which removes extra gutter on left side of grid system using the :first-child pseudo-class selector.
  • Added the l- prefix to the grid classes to namespace them. See SMACSS for more details.