A high-performance async/non-blocking Redis client for Dart
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Dart Redis Client

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A high-performance async/non-blocking Redis client for Dart.

The client is well tested including UTF-8 support.

As all operations are async they return Futures for better handling of asynchronous operations.

v0.1 Released

The Redis Client API is now feature complete with support for all ADMIN tasks as well as all KEYS, LISTS, SETS, SORTED SETS and HASH collections including tests for all operations.

Follow @demisbellot for project updates.

Adding Dependencies with Pubspec

  redis_client: any

Example Usage

import "package:redis_client/redis_client.dart";

main() {
  var connectionString = "localhost:6379";
      .then((RedisClient client) {
        // Use your client here. Eg.:
        client.set("test", "value")
            .then((_) => client.get("test"))
            .then((value) => print("success: $value"));

More examples can be found in the tests in redis_client_tests.dart.


Please look at the RedisClient API for a list of commands and usage.

Redis Connection Strings

The redis clients above take a single connection string containing the password, host, port and db in the following formats:

  • pass@host:port/db
  • pass@host:port
  • pass@host
  • host
  • null results in the default string localhost:6379/0

Valid example:



If you're not interested in the high level RedisClient API, you can use the RedisProtocolTransformer directly.

Just include it like this:

import "package:redis_client/redis_protocol_transformer.dart";


v0.2.0 release (2-4 weeks)

After the v1.0 release we'll start work on implementing the remaining functionality:

  • Transactions, Pub/Sub, Lua/Scripts

v0.3.0 release (future)

Adding automatic failover support in v3.0, sharding, fast RPC direct-pipeline using the Redis wire format with node.js/C# processes



Feedback and contributions are welcome.