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Log level selector and viewer for Eclipse Kura.

Access it on your running kura instance on http:/kura-ip-address/weblog and simply click on the desired level to change the logger's logging level! No more need to access the OSGi console with telnet to change levels at runtime =)
Very useful when developing your own bundles.

View kura log directly in your browser:


You can download version 1.1.1 directly or visit the Releases page.

Compile it yourself

Clone the repository to your local machine

git clone
cd kura-web-log

Set the KURA_WS environment variable, pointing at your local Eclipse workspace

# Windows
setx KURA_WS c:\Users\you\eclipse-workspace
# Linux / OSX
export KURA_WS=/Users/you/eclipse-workspace

Now build with Maven

mvn clean verify

After the compilation you will find the Deployment Package ready to be installed to a remote Kura!

Kura compatibility

This release builds with the following Developer's Workspace (with Web UI) versions:

  • Kura 1.2.0
  • Kura 1.2.1
  • Kura 1.2.2
  • Kura 1.3.0
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