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Biogeographic regionalization and spatial conservation
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This R package is for analysis of biogeographic regionalization (the classification of geographical areas in terms of their biotas) and spatial conservation in the R scientific computing environment. Previously it was only possible to perform analysis of biogeographic regionalization on small datasets, often using tools that are difficult to replicate. With macroecological datasets of ever increasing size and complexity, phyloregion offers the possibility of clustering large-scale datasets of species distributions combined with phylogenetic information using sparse matrix, determining optimal number of clusters, quantifying evolutionary distinctiveness of regions, and visualizing patterns and underlying processes. It is simple, fast, and particularly tailored for handling large datasets.


Barnabas Daru

Klaus Schliep


If you find phyloregion helpful, please cite as:

Daru B. H., Karunarathne, P. & Schliep, K. phyloregion: R package for biogeographic regionalization and spatial conservation (R package version 0.1.0., 2019).


phyloregion is an open-source and free package hosted on GitHub. You will need to install the devtools package. In R, type:

if (!requireNamespace("devtools", quietly = TRUE)) 



Load the phyloregion package:

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