FIT3027 Android-iOS Project: A Trending 📈 Github Repository Viewer :octocat: (wip)
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Is a GitHub :octocat: Trending 📈 Repository viewer Android app!

WIP: Will make things dynamically update by 2018.

You can browse trending repositories, star repositories and connect with other devs.

This application was my final project for FIT3027: Android & iOS at Monash University.

It makes use of:

To run this

Make a GitHub application and put your application Client ID and Client Secret in dlei.forkme.AppCredential

package dlei.forkme;

public class AppCredentials {
    public static String clientId = "Put your app id here";
    public static String clientSecret = "Put your app secret here";


More screen shots can be found in /Screens

Where to now

I will plan on working on this occasionally when I have time and use it as an excuse to learn Kotlin/get better at android 🔥


If you feel like contributing please Fork Me 😉 🎉

Note: This application is not associated with GitHub in any way.