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[prototype] A library/markup for building xkcd-style comic strips
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cmx.js - a library for authoring xkcd-style comixes

Please visit for a live example.

Note: Source for this comix strip is in app/edit/sample.html.


Most of the files were generated by Yeoman. Actual cmx.js sources are located in app/lib.


Initial setup

git clone git://
cd cmx.js
npm install
bower install


cd cmx.js
grunt server
=> yeoman will open browser with editor and sample.html (http://localhost:3501)


  • ruby+rake must be available
  • repository checkout is expected at same directory level as cmx.js
  • ask for push rights to darwin/ or just keep forked version and let me pull your changes

Initial setup:

git clone git://
git checkout gh-pages
cd ..

My workflow:

cd cmx.js
rake build
cd ../
git commit -m "published a new version!"
git push -u origin gh-pages

=> should reflect the changes in a few minutes


License: MIT

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