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HashPage Index

This is the collaborative space for HashPage developers.

How does it work?

We automatically bake skins and widgets from this repository and publish them on live to make them available to users.


Just look around. It should be self-explanatory.

Skins and widgets have following directory structure:


Default and required version is "master". Other versions are optional. File meta.yaml contains meta data about widget or skin. Use your github username in place of author (it is easier for us to track).

How can I add my asset into index?

  1. fork index repository
  2. add your author and widget/skin directory
  3. hack!
  4. send pull request to user "hashpage" on GitHub

How are the assets deployed on ?

Every time we run deploy script, all assets are baked for production and uploaded to HashPage server. You can see current index version in top-right corner in HashPage editor.

You can browse current production state here: