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Upgradr - once aimed to be a "GreaseMonkey for IE"

Well, this is my unfinished project. IE addon which wanted to be a GreaseMonkey for IE.

If you are looking for something similar, give IE7Pro a try.

Feel free to pick bits of this if you want to dig in IE internals and kinky COM stuff. But beware of ATL/WTL fever and ActiveScript madness.

Features one may find interesting:

  • IE Tabs/Frames manager = it tracks a tree of IHTMLDocument2 for open tabs and their frames - insanely hard to do correctly and keep it consistent during browser refreshes
  • Scripts manager = enables to inject javascript into any frame and makes it possible to debug these in Visual Studio - yup, pretty hard to do
  • Some GUI tricks = showing WTL/ATL/COM and GUI threading tricks under IE

R.I.P. 2007