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Real time actionable data analysis of COVID19 outbreak in the Philippines
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COVID Laboratory Equipment List with Brands and Suppliers
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COVID19_PH: Epidemiological models of the COVID19 in the Philippines

This site is dedicated to epidemiological models of the on-going COVID19 outbreak in the Philippines. The aim of the analysis is to forecast number of possible cases, determine outbreak peak and duration. This site also generates real-time reproductive number, a measure of disease transmission. The intention of the work is to inform public officials and medical practitioners in order to make data-driven decisions using state of the art infectious disease models.

About the author

Dr. Bandoy is an assistant professor (on academic leave) at the College of Veterinary Medicine,University of the Philippine Los Baños and is currently the Philippine California Advanced Research Institute (PCARI) One Health PhD Scholar at the Weimer Lab,School of Veterinary Medicine, University of California, Davis. He is using genomics, infectious disease modelling and machine learning to derive actionable insight into one health pathogens.

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