A Maven plugin to generate a site.xml file from an OSGi p2 repository
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A Maven plugin to generate a site.xml file from an OSGi p2 repository. This is intended as a quick way to improve use in older Eclipse/OSGi implementations, such as IBM Domino, with projects built without Tycho.

It contains one goal, generate-site-xml, which binds by default to the prepare-package phase.

This is currently a very simplistic implementation: rather than reading through the p2 metadata, it merely enumerates the features from the features directory and creates the site.xml from that. It contains two properties:


The p2Directory property defaults to ${project.build.directory}/repository and allows the user to specify the location of the built p2 repository.


category is an optional property that allows for the specification of a category ID for all of the features in the site.

Sample Usage

				<category>Darwino Client</category>


This project is a darwino.org project and is licensed under the Apache License 2.0.