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WHAT to port and WHAT not to :-

###Hightlights of the current mailman.client :

  1. The _Connection class handles all the request making.
  2. The Client class is the frontend for the user. It provides properties like lists , domains using classes _List and _Domains respectively.
  3. There are classes such as _Addresses which are utilised by _User i.e which are not directly used by the Client class.

###Proposed port :

  1. In the new mailman client the role of Client class would be the same. It would do talking to the user. So, it is not required to port this one physically ( I mean not techinally i.e we have to port it to JS though :-) ).
  2. In case of _Connection a RequestA class is proposed which will do talking to mailman-core and will implement Promises and Callbacks. This RequestA class can be further subclass to add further functionality to have a class RequestB.
  3. The classes analogous to _Lists, _Domains and others will behave the same as in mailman.client but they all will inherit RequestB. This will facilitate dynamic request object building by using the chaining syntax.