Automates setting up of GNU-Mailman for development interactively without any chaos. ⚡️
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Need to work on a new feature or bug-fix and want a seperate development environment. Sick of cloning again and again. Sick of making virtual envs and running develop. With mmdev_boostrap just clone once and by making using use of bzr branches make the most of it. Keep updated for the changes and create seperate environments instantly without any chaos.


mmdev_bootsrap automates settting up of mailman-core, mailman-client, postorius and postorius-standalone for both usage and development purposes.

  • Highly interactive, customise your paths of installation at each step.
  • Checks for updates while creating a new branch for development.
  • Creates and manages virtual envs automatically for python2 and python3.
  • Automatically tells you about any unavailable prerequisites.
  • Automatically checks for internet connection.

Setting Up

    $ git clone
    $ cd mmdev_bootstrap/


Supply the virtual env folder path as command-line argument. If not supply will create the virtual environments in the current directory. Use python 2.7.

   $ python2 <path-for-virtual-envs-installation>

Modes of Usage

  • Scratch : Download everthing from scratch and setup dev environments for the first time.
  • Fast : Just pull the changes and create dev environments at blazing speed. Need to specify the same directories used earlier while using the script in scratch mode.


  • Create a directory which will contain the virtual environments for both the mailman-core and postorius and rest.

      ank@bash-box ~
      >> cd Desktop/
      ank@bash-box ~/Desktop
      >> mkdir envs
  • Now if you want to set up a dev environment for fixing a bug in mailman or want to work on a new feature ; create a directory for it too.

      ank@bash-box ~/Desktop
      >> mkdir mailman-fix
  • Now create a directory where mmdev_boostrap will keep the one time cloned code. This will updated again and again for changes and will be used for create dev environments

      ank@bash-box ~/Desktop
      >> mkdir mailman-all

Note: You can always ask mmdev_bootstrap to put things in the current directory.

  • It is supposed you have cloned the mmdev_bootstrap.

  • cd into mmdev_boostrap and you are ready to go.

      ank@bash-box ~/Desktop
      >> cd mmdev_bootstrap/
      ank@bash-box ~/Desktop/mmdev_bootstrap
      >> python ../envs
  • Just wait for mmdev_boostrap to interact with you and have a cup of tea. ☕️

  • It would look like this:


  • It will automatically start mailman and postorius-standalone for you.
  • Head over to and enjoy. 😃
  • Next time when run with same configuration will let you create new dev environments at blazing speed because it will only pull the changes.

Make a push

Now cd to mailman-fix, work and finally push your changes. The workflow is as simple as that.


Contributions are always welcomed. 😃